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Fun Fish To Watch

There are many fish that are popular among almost all aquarium owners. Neon Tetras are one of these. Neons are a schooling fish, and they only grow to be about an inch. Neons are iridescent red, white, and blue in color. There are also black and golden varieties of Neons. Other popular tetras are the headlight tetras, and the white cloud tetras. Tetras are great fish for a community aquarium, because they are small, friendly, and relatively hardy. They are schooling fish, so buy at least four of them!

Angelfish are another popular aquarium fish. They have long, graceful fins, and are a peaceful, slow-moving fish. They will maintain territory, though, so give them plenty of room!

Bettas are exciting fish to add to your aquarium, as they will add a stunning splash of color. You can keep betas in a community tank, but not with other betas, as they will attack each other.

GuppiesGuppies are another fun fish to add if you are looking to add color to your tank. Male fantail guppies have colorful, flashy fins. If you choose to have guppies, be sure to include some females, even though they are not as flashy. Guppies are very hardy fish.

Kissing gouramis are very interesting fish to watch. They get their name from their large mouths, and they will lock mouths when fighting over territory, giving them tin appearance of kissing. They can be a little territorial, so keep that in mind.

Zebra danios are fun fish to keep in large groups. A schooling fish, their bright shiny stripes look great in a large group. They will swim together around the tank, adding interest. They are very hardy as well. Recently, breeders have bred zebra danios into a new strain, called GloFish. These fish have a fluorescence gene added to their DNA, and glow fluorescent all the time! While pricey, these fish are stunning additions to your tank.

Live bearing fish such as Swordtails and platies, are great additions to any tank. They are hardy, and you may even be able to observe them breed! Swordtails and platies come in a wide range of colors. Be sure to include both males and females in their groups.

atchet FishHatchet fish are fascinating to watch. They have an unusual appearance, with a deep, downward slope of their bodies. They really do look like a hatchet. They need to be kept in groups. Their mouths turn upwards, making them great surface feeders.

Glassfish are an extremely interesting fish to keep. These fish are transparent, and you can see their backbones through their skin. There are glass fish, and glass catfish. These fish can be somewhat fragile, so introduce them to an established tank. They do well in community tanks.

The most important thing to consider when choosing fish for your tank is compatibility. Do not put fish together who will not be compatible. Do some research to ensure you get the best possible community of fish, and this will ensure that you have a happy, healthy aquarium for many years!

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