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Novelty Fish

Most people like to have a little excitement when it comes to their pets and fish owners are no different. The issue of a fish tank is to have something going on and have the beauty of the tank as well. For this reason many people believe that they should go with the novelty fish that are sometimes sold in the pet stores. There are so many reasons why you should not go with this kind of fish.

Piranhas are one of the most sought after novelty fish in the entire world. There are upwards of three hundred species of piranha known to exist and about ten of those species are legal to import to the US. Just because they are legal does not mean they are good to own.

PiranhasAnyone who has watched a nature program knows that piranha are very dangerous. The most common species in the pet stores today are small and look similar to a gold fish in the body style. On first glance they appear to be harmless, but just drop a feeder fish into the tank and you will see that they are anything but harmless.

People have the impression that they can handle the piranha with a little common sense and this may be true. However, if you have children or small pets, are you able to control them as easily? This is the true question.

Piranha are not discerning eaters to say the least. While they do require meat for the most part, they are not picky about the kind of meat that it is. The proof positive of this would be a tank with four small piranhas in it. Normally one would feed them feeder fish, which are gold fish slightly larger then the piranha themselves. It will take less then five minutes for the four piranha to devour the entire feeder fish. They attack in patterns and can clear a skeleton in no time. No imagine the finger of a small child or the tail of a cat that got into the tank. This is a dangerous thought to say the least.

It is logical to say the least that you should not own these fish if you have anyone in the home that could be harmed by them. Children often times have little fear of such things and will disobey the moment your back is turned. The true matter is safety over the novelty appeal of these fish.

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