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Overfeeding and  Handling Fish

As an owner of fish there are many things that one must do to keep them healthy. For an adult this is not really an issue as it seems fairly simple in most cases. However, a child may have a harder time grasping the nature of how to care for fish in most cases. When this issue arises it is best for the parent to sit down and discuss the ins and outs of the care and feeding of fish.

The other issue is whether or not the parent has any idea of how to care for a fish. Many people believe it to be a non-issue because require simply to be fed and they are happy. Well that is not the case. There are several things that a fish owner must do.

For the purpose of this discussion we will look at the two most deadly things that one can do to a fish.

The first and most important issue when taking care of fish is knowing when and how much to feed them. For children this is a difficult issue to understand. They have the tendency to feed as often as they would like and that makes things a bit difficult in most cases. The problem is that fish do not know when they should stop eating. So if a person keeps sticking food in the tank they will simply keep eating.

Overeating can be deadly to a fish. In most cases they will continue to eat until the inner workings of their body have exploded and this causes their death. Death in this case will be about two days away and there is nothing that you can do.

Feeding should take place once a day and in a very measure amount. The bottle of food that you have will have directions. Normally a pinch of food for five or fewer fish is more then enough.

Handling of the fish is the other deadly issue. There is the matter of cleaning out the tank and having to get the fish out to do it. For this you should never handle the fish by hand to remove them from the tank. This will cause them to lose scales which will be deadly. Their scales are the protective layer over their body that prevents disease from entering and lose of those scales is devastating.

When removing the fish from the tank for cleaning have a small soft catch net handy. Slowly introduce the fish to the holding area in case the water is cold. You do not want to shock them with improper temperatures in the tank or holding area.

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