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Saltwater versus Freshwater Fish Tanks

The decision to become a fish owner is one that can be very easy or very difficult. The main matter is how much you wish to spend on the supplies, care and feeding of the fish. For many people it is nothing more then buying a small tank and a gold fish, but for others this is a serious undertaking that requires planning.

There are two different kinds of fish. There is the freshwater and the saltwater varieties to think about and it is all a matter of how much money and time that you have to invest in the pet fish.

Freshwater fish are those that are seen most often in homes and pet stores. They are all the so called normal fish that people will buy and can be easily cared for. Regular feeding and water conditions are in place for the freshwater fish. These are the type that most will buy and many people are very happy with the purchase to say the least.

The other type is the saltwater type. These are your tropical fish that are used to living in the ocean and can only survive in saltwater. This type of fish is very expensive and requires a lot of care and feeding precautions.

Saltwater tropical fish are very sensitive to their surroundings. Any change in the water conditions can be fatal making these one of the most difficult pets to care for.

Special tanks are required for this type of fish. The tanks need to be able to handle the rigors of saltwater, which can quickly erode a tank that is not properly treated. This is coupled with the fact that the water needs to stay a certain temperature at all times. Many people do not realize that the water conditions in the ocean do not change. There is too much water for the temperature to change at all and the salt concentration stays steady as time moves on.

Saltwater fish are a major investment. It is not uncommon for a person to spend at least one thousand dollars to get one fish and the tank set up. The more rare the fish the more expensive they become. Collectors are known to have paid upwards of ten thousand dollars for the fish they desire.

For the average person freshwater fish are the way to go. But, if you have the time and money then there is nothing like saltwater tropical fish when it comes to beauty.

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