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Vacation Plans When you have Fish

There are many options for the fish owner when going on vacation, and they are sometimes surprising. The most obvious thing to do with your fish while on vacation is to buy a vacation feeder. Vacation feeders are usually blocks that slowly dissolve and release food to the waiting fish. These work well at feeding, but they can disturb the water chemistry. Some pet shops sell machines that release fish food on a timed cycle. This is another great option, but somewhat expensive.

One surprising option for your fish when you go on vacation is to do nothing. That may surprise you, but think about how fish survive in the wild. They often will go several days without finding a food source. Fish do not need water, since they live in water, and skipping a few days’ worth of feedings will not harm them. If you are going to be gone for a long holiday weekend, this is a great option. Keep the light off while you are gone. This will ensure your water temperature stays somewhat constant. If you wish, you can purchase a timer for your light, so that it will turn on in the morning. If your fish tank is somewhere with a window, this is not necessary, as the fish will receive enough light from the window. Do not turn off your air conditioner if you live in a hot climate. If the water temperature rises too high, it can harm your fish. Set your air conditioner to turn on at eighty degrees. This will keep your fish comfortable.

Fish TankIf you are going to be gone for more than a week, you should hire someone to watch your fish. Make sure your fish sitter knows not to overfeed your fish, since that will pollute the tank, and can kill your fish. People who are not used to handling fish might not know how much to feed your fish. A good way to prevent overfeeding is to purchase a daily pill plastic holder from a drug store. Put in each day the normal amount of food. This will ensure that your fish sitter knows exactly how much to use. Give your fish sitter a number where they can reach you, as well as a good pet shop’s phone number. They might have a problem they don’t know how to handle. That will help them to feel more comfortable.

The good news is that fish are one of the easiest pets to care for when you are on vacation. Before leaving on your vacation, clean your tank really well. Fill the tank with water, and check the temperature to make sure it is in the correct range. Double check your filter as well, and make sure it is working properly and has no build up on it. Examine your tank for any sick or dead fish. Once you have taken these steps, you are ready to go on your vacation. Your fish should be happy and healthy while you are gone!

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