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Welcome to Great Aquarium!

Tanks and PlantsIf you've been looking for information to help you set up a freshwater aquarium and get the most out of the experience, you've come to the right site! GreatAquarium is designed for beginner to intermediate aquarium owners to help guide them in the decision to start an aquarium and create a tank that suits their lifestyle and needs.

Our site is divided into 4 sections that you can see across the top of the site. "Start A Tank" is all about making the decision to start an aquarium, how to choose the right tank size for you, and how to select fish, plants and other aquarium accessories.

Glassfish"All About Fish" contains information about how to choose your first fish and how to keep them healthy. We have information on some of the most popular kinds of fish to get started with. And some helpful advice on what kinds of fish live well together, and which ones to keep apart.

"Fish Care" goes into greater details about how to take good care of your fish. We include pages on how to identify fish that are not well, how to feed your fish, and even some tips on how to take care of your fish while you're away on vacation.

Water Testing KitAnd to round it all out, "Tank Maintenance" delves into how to keep an optimal environment for your fish at all times. Not only are there tools and filters to keep your aquarium clean, certain tank creatures (such as suckerfish) can help keep the tank cleaner as well. Learn about the importance of PH and maintaining a consistent tank temperature.

Thanks for your interest in our site! We hope it is a great help to you in getting started on the very enjoyable world of aqaurium ownership. If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve our site and help it grow, please send them to us from our "Contact Us" Page.

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