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Equipment You Will Need for For New Aquarium

What Equipment Do I Need For My New Aquarium?

If you have decided to bring an aquarium into your home, you have chosen a pet that will provide relaxation and entertainment in your life. Before you buy any fish, you need to make sure you have all the necessary equipment for your tank. Here is a beginner’s guide to the types of equipment you need to begin your fish tank.

The first thing you will need is the tank and stand. Keep in mind that the larger the tank you get, the easier it is to take care of. Remember that water weighs eight pounds a gallon, so buy a stand that will support the filled weight of your tank. You are going to have lots of supplies, so consider a stand with a closed cabinet.

Under Gravel FilterNext you will need a filter. There are two main types of aquarium filters on the market today—under gravel filters and waterfall filters. Under gravel filters provide aeration through air stones, and pull all waste under the gravel in the aquarium. Waterfall filters circulate the water and pump it back into the aquarium, removing waste in the process. Both types are available with carbon filtration cartridges, which help keep the water quality good.

Next, you are going to need a light hood. Light hoods provide a lid for the aquarium, as well as artificial light. If you are planning on growing live plants, light is a must. A light will help you to simulate the natural environment of your fish, with light and dark times each day, as well as make your fish tank more appealing to look at.

Aquarium SetupIf you are planning on keep tropical fish, not just goldfish, you will need a thermometer and heater. Tropical fish need a temperature around 77 degrees F. Make sure you buy a heater that is the right size for the size of tank you purchase.

Of course, you will need some smaller, more fun items. First, buy a fish net. If you are planning on having fish that will grow large, get a large one. Nothing is more frustrating than having a net that is too small to catch or remove the fish you need to deal with! Then it is time to buy decorations. Make sure to get enough gravel to have a depth of two inches on the bottom of your tank. Add plants to give your fish a place to hide. Then add any decorations that appeal to you. You will enjoy watching your fish interact with these decorations.

Finally, you will need some basic supplies for cleaning and caring for your tank. Remember to purchase a chemical to remove the chlorine from the water. Also, you will want a siphon tube to get all the waste from the bottom of the tank. Finally, consider an algae brush to clean algae from the tank sides.

Once you have these basic supplies, you are ready to set up your tank. Be creative, and above all have fun! Running your own fish tank can be an extremely rewarding hobby!

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