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Best Starter Fish

Easy to Take Care of—Which Fish Are Easiest?

The fact of owning fish is that some fish are easier to care for than others. When you ask anyone what the easiest to care for fish are they will probably say goldfish. This is not a poor guess. Goldfish, especially common goldfish, are very hardy and easy to care for. Goldfish prefer cold water, so if you choose to have goldfish, you will not be able to incorporate tropical fish into their tank.

There are many species of freshwater tropical fish that are easy to care for. Bettas, or Siamese Fighting Fish, are easy to care for. Contrary to popular opinion, you can own a Betta in a tank with other fish, just not other Bettas. Bettas are hardy and very pretty, and make a nice addition to any tank.

There are many species of barbs that are easy to care for. Tiger Barbs are relatively small fish, with a pleasing orange and black coloring. Cherry Barbs are another easy to care for fish. They have a pink coloring and enjoy swimming in large schools. Cherry Barbs are a peaceful, community fish. Rosy Barbs are an easy fish to care for, but they are a little more aggressive than the other barbs.

Cory CatfishThe Cory is another fish that is easy to care for, and is a vital part of your tank. Commonly called catfish, these fish are scavengers that will eat the waste off the bottom of the tank. A peaceful fish that comes in a variety of colors, these fish enjoy living in small schools.

If there are certain types of fish you want to eventually keep, do some research before buying your starter fish, to make sure that your starter fish are compatible with your eventual tank inhabitants. There is nothing you can do to avoid new tank syndrome, so starter fish will be needed.

If you want to raise your own baby fish, consider getting live bearing fish. These fish give “birth” to live young. They actually incubate their eggs inside the female’s body, and then when the eggs hatch, they are “born” live. Platies are a great live bearing fish. They are often confused with goldfish because they are often red or orange in color, but they are a completely different species. Guppies are another easy to care for live bearing fish. They have great coloration, especially in the males, and will make your tank very beautiful.

Some species of Tetras fall into the easy category. Silver Tip Tetras are a pretty fish that are easy to care for. These fish need to be kept in schools. Bleeding Heart Tetras are also easy to care for.

Some fish to avoid when starting out a new tank are angelfish, neon tetras, and loaches. These fish are typically fragile. Also, do not buy an algae eater right away, as there will be no algae for it to feed on. In fact, algae growth in your tank is a good indication that you are ready to move on to more fragile fish.

The great thing about starter fish, is most of them are good community fish as well. They will make great tank mates for whatever fish you end up with. Most of them are colorful and fun to watch. Getting starter fish does not mean you have to have a lower quality tank.

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