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Hiding Places for your Fish

For those of you who are first time aquarium owners, you might not know just what all to put in your new fish habitat. Of course, the basics: water, fish, rocks, etc, but what about other things? Plants, rocks, and ceramic items for your aquarium can be found at any pet or discount store and can transform your new aquarium into a great place for you to watch your new pets interact and play together. From sunken pirate ships to neon rock formations and everything in between, you are sure to find just the perfect hiding place for your fish that will reflect your personality.

Giving your fish a hiding place is something that every one needs to do. Having a place to hide will help your fish to adapt to their new surroundings and new fish better. Some fish are more nocturnal, so a hiding place will be great for them during the day and allow them to rest and come out at night ready to play. Other fish might be just a bit timid at first, and need a place to hide from you and other fish until they are comfortable with their new surroundings.

Hiding Places in tankBut, how do you find the right hiding place for your fish? Well, several factors play into this. You need to consider the following: what size of aquarium you have and what size fish you have. If you have a larger aquarium, your options are much greater than a smaller one, since you can fit either larger or multiple hiding places in a larger tank. The size of the fish is another factor in picking out a hiding place for them too.

In larger aquariums, you should be able to find a larger ceramic, plastic, or rock piece that has multiple holes in it for your fish to hide in. You can find these in all shapes and colors, as well as some great decorative pieces for your tank, depending on your personality and style. Smaller aquariums aren't completely out of choices though, you can find some great ceramic, plastic, or rock pieces for smaller tanks that can create just as much of a personalized atmosphere as you can in a larger tank.

No matter the size of your tank, you need to consider the size of your fish. For larger fish, you will want to find something with larger holes to allow them ample room to maneuver and hide in. For smaller fish, you can find something with a bit smaller holes for these fish to fit into. So, when you're shopping for a hiding place for your fish, make sure that you consider their size when you are making your decision.

Basically, you can find just about anything for a hiding place in your new aquarium. Just remember to choose something that will fit your fish as well as your aquarium and personality and you will be sure to create a great atmosphere for you and your fish to enjoy for many years!

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