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Novelty Aquariums

Today, it seems like just about anything can be a fish tank. Walk into any pet store in town and you are sure to find an aisle that is dedicated to aquariums and novelty aquariums to suit any taste. From bubble gum machines to punch bowls, you can find just about anything to put your fish in. So, what are some of the types of novelty aquariums out there today to choose from? The options are endless, as pretty much anything can be turned into a fish tank today. Here are some of the popular aquariums that you can find today.

Some of the most popular novelty aquariums today follow the lines of the old gum ball machines. You can find these tanks in all sizes, from one gallon all the way up to ten gallon. With the large, brightly colored rocks that resemble bubble gum, these aquariums are great for those who are still young at heart. All types of fish thrive in these types of tanks, since they are essentially large bowls. You can find pumps and filters that fit these novelty tanks and special ceramic or plastic pieces that fit into these tanks to help add to the gum ball machine theme. These make great aquariums for your home or office.

Another great novelty tank is the plant holder. Usually, these are just large bowls that contain one or two fish, such as betas, and have a large, floating plant on the top of the bowl. You can find these types of aquariums at pet stores and discount stores all over the country, in all shapes and sizes. Usually, you can choose what kind of plant you would like to have as well. This plant gives the water, and the fish, oxygen and allow for great conversation starters! With glass beads at the bottom, these are also great to place on your desk or just enjoy at home.

Unique AqauriumOf course, there are all types of novelty tanks out there today. Old television sets that are hollowed out and have larger tanks placed inside them make great conversation pieces for your home and give a playful feel to your aquarium. Some novelty tanks are fashioned after the old gas pumps and have a large, round tank at the top with a bright, neon sign at the top. These are great anywhere, and you can place brightly colored fish in them to compliment the sign at the top.

In most pet stores, you can find specialty aquariums that take the shape of almost anything that you can think of. There are also some stores that can do special orders for custom tanks if you have an idea that you just cannot find anywhere else in town. No matter what kind of novelty aquarium you are looking for, any pet store can help you find it or point you to the right place to create a custom tank that will be a center piece in your home or office for years to come.

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