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Clean Water

When you think about maintaining your new aquarium, you probably don't think about what to do to keep your water clean for your fish. Most new aquarium owners assume that the water will stay pretty clean or that they can just buy a “sucker fish” to keep it clean and change the water filter once in a while. This couldn't be further from the truth. There is a lot that you can do to keep your water clean for your new pets to live in. Here are some tips and ideas to help you keep your aquarium water clean:

1. Change it at least once every two weeks using chlorine remover. This means that you need to set out new water the day before, making sure to place the right amount of chlorine remover into the new water so that it has time to work correctly before you place your fish into it. Without removing the chlorine, you stand a great chance of losing your new fish before you have a chance to enjoy them very long.

2. It also means that you will need to keep your tank clean by scrubbing the sides. Pet stores will carry special brushes that are made to keep your aquarium walls crystal clean and not soak you in the process. These brushes are great since the handles are angled and there is a scrubber on the tip and the side of the brush to remove all the hard gunk that can build up on the sides and bottom of your tank. When you change your water, make sure that you use this brush to get all the slime off the aquarium and to scrub into the cracks and corners to keep it gone. Just by doing this small thing, you will be able to keep your fish happy and healthy for the long term.

3. Use chemical removers if needed. If you already know that you have problem water, such as hard or soft water or over-chemicaled water, then you can check with your local pet store to see what you need to use in the aquarium water so that your fish are happy when they arrive. Check with the pet store owner or salesperson to see which chemicals are right for your tank and your fish. While these chemicals can get expensive, you don't have to spend money on everything that they sell. Pick out a few that you need immediately and try them out. Make sure that you read all the instructions completely and you follow them to the letter.

4. Check with your local pet store to find out any products that they recommend to new aquarium owners and see what they show you. Some types of fish require different things, and you need to know what to do to keep them happy.

Basically, remember that you can always check with your local pet store to find out which products are right for you to keep your new fish happy. They will be happy to help you, so don't get discouraged by asking for help if you need it!

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