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Aquarium Accessories

Aquarium Interior—Fun Accessories

When you are putting together your aquarium, buying the aquarium decorations and other accessories is one of the most exciting and interesting parts of designing your tank, second only to buying your fish! Before buying any decorations or accessories, decide if you want a natural looking aquarium or a special themed whimsical tank. This decision will guide you in picking the right accessories.

The first thing you need is aquarium gravel. Gravel is important because it will allow you to anchor the rest of your decorations. You can buy gravel in just about any color, from natural to glow-in-the-dark. Make sure your gravel is not going to detract from the overall look of your tank. After adding gravel you need to add plants. You can either add fake or real plants. Place short plants towards the front of your tank and tall plants towards the back. Plants create places for the fish to hide. Fake plants are available in plastic or silk. Silk creates a more realistic look. Plastic plants come with either a realistic look or a fun look, like plants with sparkles or glow-in-the-dark plants. Adding fun plants can really add some pizzazz to your tank!

Plants & Colorful GravelPlants and gravel are the most fundamental aquarium accessories, but there are many more items you can add to your tank to make it fun. Some aquarium owners choose to add a background to their tanks. Aquarium backgrounds are and inexpensive way to add some beauty to your aquarium. Aquarium backgrounds attach to the back of the aquarium, and usually depict an underwater scene. The background adds color and depth to your tank’s appearance. Other backgrounds are in single colors, which are perfect for the whimsical tank.

For the natural-looking tank, consider adding a piece of driftwood. Driftwood adds more places for the fish to hide, and creates a pleasing, natural look. Or consider adding a decorative rock. Decorative rocks come in all shapes and sizes. The colors of decorative aquarium rocks range from natural browns and whites to bright neon colors. You can find a rock to match whatever theme you choose.

After these standard decorations, the fun can really begin! Aquarium ornaments are available in just about any theme you can imagine! For the Asian themed aquarium, you can buy an underwater pagoda! Or for the underwater theme, consider adding an aquarium castle. These ornaments look like intricate sand castles, and add a touch of make-believe to your tank. There are aquarium ornaments to go with different cartoon shows, such as Sponge Bob Square Pants, which are perfect for the child’s aquarium. There are ornaments that look like treasure chests or wrecked ships.

Some of the aquarium decorations that are the most fun are action ornaments. Action ornaments use air bubbles to create movement! Poplar moving aquarium decorations include a treasure chest that opens and closes, a diver that raises and lowers, or a steamship that has a moving water wheel. These decorations add a touch of life and interest to your aquarium. Whatever decorations you choose, you will have fun creating an underwater world for your fish!

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