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A PH balanced aquarium is one of the most healthy living environments that you can provide for the fish that you keep as pets.  The balance of acid and alkaline in the water can mean the difference between life and death for the fish and can help you to maintain a healthy school of your favorite fish.  There are several things that you can be doing to make sure that the PH balance stays at the proper level.  There is nothing difficult when it comes to this matter and it is of the utmost importance to you and the fish.

Regular testing is the most important part of PH balancing.  A test kit is just as important as the food that you get for the fish.  This is coupled with the fact that the testing takes little time from a busy schedule.  A simple removal of a bit of water and then into the tested strip will tell you if the water is at the optimal level for the fish that you own.

Testing KitNow there is the matter of how to keep the water PH balanced and why the balance will fall or rise.  No matter what you do there is going to be a rising and falling of the PH in the tank. This is completely natural because the waste that the fish produce and the food that they do not eat will have that kind of effect on the balance.

Rotting food will raise the PH balance and if it is left for a long period of time then you will have a real problem.  To curb this issue be very careful about the amount of food that you put into the tank.  Doing this will ensure that the fish are eating it all and not leaving a bunch of it around to rot.  You should make sure that you measure out the food per the instructions on the bottle of food.  Add to the instructions to make sure that you are feeding your fish enough if you have more than one.

The waste products is another issue.  You can only counteract this issue by regularly cleaning the water or having a premium water filter in place.  Either of these will provide you protection from having a balance problem with the PH in the tank.

There are several products on the market that are proven to help with the PH level in the tanks.  They come in form of liquid drops that are then placed in the tank at specified times.  This will mix with the water to prevent the PH level from rising or falling to a dangerous level.  Note, this is not a replacement for good cleaning and feeding habits.  The water will always need to be cleaned on a regular basis and the food should always be measured.

No matter what you should always test the water on a regular basis, especially if you see any kind of strange behavior in the fish.  Most of the problems that are found in fish stem from improper PH levels in the water.

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